About Us

The Korean Graduate Students Association (KGSA) at Cornell University is a nonprofit organization primarily for Korean international graduate students. KGSA is one of the largest graduate student associations at Cornell, serving over 350 members, including graduate students, faculty members, post-doctoral associates, visiting scholars, and visiting professors. KGSA publishes an annual directory, holds a welcoming party for new students, a farewell party for graduating students, organizes cultural events, and sponsors activities for not only the members of the organization but their families as well. Through these activities, KGSA seeks to enhance the relationships among Korean international students and promote the exchange of information regarding, but not limited to, life in Ithaca, Cornell, and other topics of common interest to Korean internationals. In addition, KGSA actively seeks to foster relationships between itself and other communities at Cornell University. Furthermore, KGSA seeks to extend connections to other global communities, particularly those in Korea and of interest to the general membership.

2023-2024 Executive Board


Taesuh Kim | 김태서
Law School

Vice President

Choonghee Kim | 김충희
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Junsung Lee | 이준성
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Career Services

Sangwoo Park | 박상우

Public Relations

Yonghyun Kwon | 권용현
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Event Coordinator

Jisoo Yuk | 육지수
Biological and Environmental Engineering

Event Coordinator

Heeyeon Ro | 노희연
Public Affairs


Saehan Jo | 조새한
Computer Science

Post-doc Rep.

Kyungmin Kim | 김경민
School of Integrative Plant Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Post-doc Rep.

Jinkwon Kim | 김진권
Material Science Engineering

Previous Executive Board


President: Choonghee Kim | Vice President: Youlim Ha | Treasurer: Junsung Lee | Career Services: Sangwoo Park | Public Relations: Yonghyun Kwon | Event Coordinator: Jisoo Yuk, Heeyeon Ro | Webmaster: Saehan Jo | Post-doc Representative: Kyungmin Kim, Jinkwon Kim


President: Yonghyun Kwon | Vice President: Youlim Ha | Treasurer: Junsung Lee | Career Services: Sangwoo Park | Public Relations: Saehan Jo | Event Coordinator: Jisoo Yuk, Heeyeon Ro | First Year Representative: Choonghee Kim


President: Yonghyun Kwon | Finances: Saehan Jo | Career Servies: Sangwoo Park | Athletic Activities: Junsung Lee | IT Management: Seoyoung Lee | Public Relations: Jisoo Yuk | Student Advisor: Heeyeon Ro


President: Saehan Jo | Vice President: JeeEun Lee | Finances: Uisub Shin | Career Servies: Jun Park | Athletic Activities: Taehyung Lee | IT Management: Seoyoung Lee | Public Relations: Sinwoo Hwang | Promotion: Seungha Lee | Scholarship: Yerin (Rin) Yoon | Event Coordinator: Soyoung Yang | Student Advisor: Hankyul Kim, Byungdoo Kim, Sangwoo Park | First Year Presentative: Yonghyun Kwon


President: Sangwoo Park | Vice President: Harris Bang | Finances: Eun Ah Song | Career Servies: Jung Joon | Athletic Activities: Hankyul Kim | IT Management: Seunghyun Kim | Event Planning: JeeEun Lee & Heeyeon Ro | Academic Affairs: Jee Hun Choi | Public Relations: David Yu | Student Advisor: Seong Ha Park, Byungdoo Kim | First Year Representative: Saehan Jo | Faculty Advisor: Hyuncheol Kim


President: Byungdoo Kim | Finances: Jee Hun Choi | Career Servies: Jisung Park | Event Coodinator: Sun Kyo Chung | IT Management: Hajin Lim | External Affairs: Hankyul Kim, Sunik Choi | Student Welfare: Harris Bang | Student Advisor: Seong Ha Park | Promotion: JeeEun Lee | Scholarship: Eun Ah Song | First Year Representative: Sangwoo Park | Faculty Advisor: Hyuncheol Kim